Duomidlane Theory



I’ve mentioned this strat on reddit before and we’ve used it to great success in Gold-Plat ranked. Haven’t tested it though after the map update.

We don’t have a dedicated jungler in our group as no one seemed to like playing assassins, which is understandable as it’s very rare that you’ll be able to full clear to level 4 in pub games. Chances are you’ll get stuck at 3 with no camps to farm. The only options would be to take the scout birds or go to lane and take away some farm. Both options would take you out of your comfort zone and at risk of being seen or even collapsed in the case of the scout birds.

We usually go 3-man queue in ranked to minimize the impact of leavers. My two friends usually play support and marksman. There is no shortage of mages in ranked but they usually run to sidelanes, leaving the marksman mid. Sometimes there are no junglers from the 2 “wildcards” that we get teamed with so I’m forced to jungle.

Knowing my chances of hitting a quick level 4 are low, I just thought why not give the first blue to my marksman (who plays a wicked violet) and start with red instead?


The basic strategy will be:

  • Jungler will start red.
  • Marksman and support will take blue.

From here, the duo could go straight to lane or clear one more camp before going mid. They can also take one camp close to mid from the enemy red camp.

Jungler can go clear the entire bottom jungle then take the scout bird nearby and/or gank mid or bot early. At this time, the enemy jungler is still doing his full clear so the chances of a countergank is low.


A variation would be Marksman, support, (and top) would invade enemy red (could be easily taken out quickly with the top not losing farm on returning to lane). The marksman and support would then quickly take blue and head back to lane or try to gank the enemy mid, take lane creeps, proceed to blue jungle clear, then back to lane. They could also collapse on top if the enemy laner overextends.

duomid 2

Hero Choices

Duo mid: A main hero with good damage output + good clear even without Punish and a support hero with good cc. We used to run Violet (no Punish) + Alice for this.

Jungler: “Support jungler” preferably a tanky hero with red buff + level 2 gank potential and decent clear speed. I used to run Ormarr, Taara (pre-rework), or Arthur for this.  Punish supports like Cresht and Arum can be utilized too.  Heroes that rely on level 4 power spike are to be avoided.


As already mentioned, we used to run Violet + Alice mid and I’d do Taara/Arthur jungle.  We ran triple-queue without comms as we’re well used to each other’s playstyle.  In our games,  the enemy mid turret usually falls early or the enemy mid AFKs when his/her teammates do not respond.  Either we bait them into skirmishes or just rotate to other nearby objectives.  We played this comp rather aggressively, using our numbers advantage to invade the enemy jungle after a shove.


  • Map control. If executed properly, you’ll be able to control the middle portion of the map since basically you’re doing a modified 1-3-1 laning. This can result to a faster mid turret takedown.
  • Epic monster security. With mid as “rendezvous point” it’s easier to guard both dragons and slayer.
  • Faster responses. Again, with mid as rendezvous, rotations can be quicker


  • If not executed properly, midlane can become stagnant and severely gimped from XP/gold sharing.  The lane needs to be HIGHLY PROACTIVE in order to prevent this.  You’re basically opening mid here, just doing clearing and rotations.
  • Can be countered by a good enemy jungler and a control mage with fast clears. The mage can just clear waves and towerhug while waiting for his/her jungler to powerfarm to 4. If this happens, you’ll end up with 3 level 2/3 heroes against 2 level 4s. If the enemy collapses on your duo mid + jungler, you’ll be facing 2 ults.  Yahoo!



Basically, I’d classify this as a cheese tactic.  A cheese relies on the element of surprise and speed and requires precise execution.  This could be high risk, high reward depending on how it pans out. I’d recommend this strat to those who enjoys quick rotations and skirmishes.

Observe.  Formulate.  Adapt.

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